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EB Management:


Stanislav Tchassov



Inessa Tchassov

Administrative Director

Ken Martin

EB Ballet Master

EB Technical Directors 

Russ Marquis

& Stephen Curran

The European Ballet  was founded in 1994 by its Director Stanislav Tchassov, Russian former Principal Dancer of the Bolshoi Ballet ,and is now an established touring classical ballet company, having a reputation for a high standard of dancing performed by a talented selection of international dancers from around Europe and further afield.

EB grew from the  highly successful ‘Russian & British Stars of Ballet’, formed by  Stanislav in 1992, who from the outset gathered around him outstanding principal dancers to  perform with him in his famous bravoura style shows: performers included notably Russian and British favourites such as Galina Mezentseva (Kirov star), Galina Panova (ex-Kirov Ballet, Prima  Ballerina with the Bonn Ballet Theatre), Stanislav himself and Vladimir  Karakulev (Bolshoi Principal ), Deborah Bull, Fiona  Chadwick, Adam Cooper, Bryony Brind, Bonnie Moore (Principal Dancers of the  Royal Ballet), Elena Pankova and Kirill Melnikov (Principals from the Kirov), Sherylin Kennedy, Ravenna Tucker and Kevin O’Hare (Birmingham Royal Ballet Principals), Agnes Oaks (leading ballerina of the English National  Ballet), Kim Miller and Beverly Fry (Principals of the London City  Ballet), and many more brilliant dancers besides.

The new EB company has  now widened its horizons by inviting dancers to participate from all over Europe. The company  started performing with ballet divertissements performances, in a format which  is both traditional and very popular in Russia, and which give the public a  unique opportunity to enjoy the different styles and techniques of various  international ballet schools, showcasing favourite scenes from a selection of ballet productions. Dancers from Russia, Italy, Spain, France, Norway, Portugal, Germany, Britain, Australia etc have been invited to dance  with the company in its gala performances.

Over the period of a year the  European Ballet Company performs in some 100 theatres, exclusively in the UK.  Although it is quite a struggle for the company to carry on performing - receiving neither any grant from the government nor any significant sponsorship revenue, Director Stanislav Tchassov with his great enthusiasm, commitment to  professionalism and sheer artistic driving force and energy, is ready to meet  challenges and stage programmes featuring not only one-act ballets, but also  full-length classical productions, fulfilling the potential of all of the  talented dancers of the Company.

It is an absolute must, and a great pleasure,  for the company to bring its performing art to thousands of audience members across the UK - audiences who might otherwise  have no access to high quality classical ballet at all. The warmth and enthusiasm of the reception given by both an appreciative public and the national press are an  invaluable support to the company in continuing its performing life.