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What it means to become a Friend of EB

We are a medium-sized classical ballet company, with performance schedules arranged into two tour seasons per year, the Spring Season and the Autumn Season. Each season features one main ballet production title and usually lasts some 3-4 months, on a tour itinerary that regularly covers Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Eire and the Channel Islands.

As you might expect, Friends membership includes advance information on our performance schedules.

But more than this, the main benefit of becoming a friend is nothing less than entry, briefly, into the behind-the-scenes world of the dance company and the life of the touring dancer: we warmly extend to our Friends an open and enduring invitation to attend rehearsals of our production performances in London, or at any of our tour venues. Rehearsals and other company and venue performance preparations usually take place in the afternoon before an evening performance.

For security reasons, and to ensure that Friends' efforts are not frustrated with a wasted journey, we request that Friends contact the company in advance to confirm rehearsal times before attending; and we also strongly advise Friends to ensure that they make contact independently with the relevant venue beforehand, so that no access problems arise.

Please join us - your help is needed!

Friends of the European Ballet

‘For the love of ballet, please become a Friend!’

As we mentioned on the ‘About EB’ page, it is quite a struggle for the European Ballet Company to survive and keep on performing the way it does, bringing ballet artistry to thousands of audience members every year, in around 100 theatre venues right across the UK.

Director and creator of the European Ballet, Stanislav Tchassov, drives and inspires the company with his boundless enthusiasm and determination. But enthusiasm and determination alone cannot always guarantee continuity.

Attend our performances! Bring your family and friends! Without our audience, we are nothing! If you enjoy our performances (we know you do!) then please drop a note to the venue management where you saw us, to say so: positive public feedback will always make it easier for us to arrange tours at such venues in the future.

The importance of extra help:

The European Ballet company does not, unfortunately, receive any grant from the Arts Council or any government or other public source, nor does it receive any significant income from commercial sponsorship. Consequently, the company has to rely almost exclusively on box office ticket receipts.

For this reason, the financial contribution that is received through the Friends of the European Ballet annual membership scheme - and indeed from any other supporters and company followers amongst the general ballet-loving public - is both greatly appreciated and extremely valuable to the life of the company. Donations and financial support of any size, at any time, is always extremely helpful to us.

In return, in acknowledgement of the value of our Friends, we try to offer something back which we know to be valued and greatly appreciated by ballet enthusiasts of all ages.

Friendship Subscription:

£15.50 per individual

For further information

please e-mail: