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EB Touring PR  - the press and promotional department - has recently emerged as a separate enterprise out of the well-established and highly successful European Ballet, a professional UK touring classical ballet company founded in 1994. Co-ordinating and taking administrative responsibility for the company’s touring activity over a period of nearly 20 years (EB tours have taken place both in the UK and abroad, involving performances in some 120 venues, over two separate tightly-managed seasons per calendar year) has resulted in the development of in-depth expertise across the complete range of organisational, communications, and promotional tasking required for any successful tour.

As a result, we are fully aware of all aspects of the demands put on personnel and other resources during the touring season and the pressures under which everyone operates. Quite apart from day-to-day operational challenges, it takes time and skill to properly promote a show in advance - but it is essential that this is done effectively and consistently in order to boost ticket sales and generate fuller houses. We all know that performance venues themselves have limited resources and are generally unable to appropriately promote each show comprehensively enough – sometimes charging an enormous amount for assistance with this type of work. That’s where we come in.

EB Touring PR can help by taking the pressure off your shoulders: we can efficiently run press and other media promotion campaigns, typically including the generation and dissemination of content for preview and informational publicity articles, interview coverage, and the scheduling and implementation of repeated show-reminder contact with media channels – a tailored programme for your particular needs, all at very affordable rates. We are furthermore able to provide services and support for other core aspects of pre-campaign promotional work including general consulting on marketing, design and print of promotional materials, the booking of and liaison-contact with venues, and setting up events with local communities and councils, as well as for general and specific clerical duties such as financial accounting and invoicing.

We know the type of intensive promotional campaigning we can undertake is what you need to maximise box office income and add significantly to the overall profitability of your touring activity. We guarantee to produce good quality, honest and effective work – making use of the long-established working relationships and communications channels with press and journalists which we have developed in-house over the years. We are a friendly and qualified team and we are passionate about what we do. We love working with and assisting all performing arts companies - being on the performance side ourselves, we really identify closely with the needs and aspirations of performing artists!

Please contact our dedicated team for more details on  0208 487 5525

or email us on:    info.euroballet@gmail.com