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Act II. Sc1 - The Spell

It is the day of Princess Aurora’s sixteenth birthday. Aurora meets her suitors, and then dances with them. During the celebration, a mysterious woman offers Aurora a bouquet of roses. She takes them, and discovers a long bodkin among them, something she has never seen before. Delightedly Aurora accepts it and, as she dances, she pricks her finger. She faints, but seems to recover, and after a short dance falls to the ground, apparently lifeless. Amid the ensuing confusion the old woman is revealed as Carabosse, rejoicing that her curse is now come true. As the court grieves, the Lilac Fairy arrives and casts a spell of sleep on the Princess.

Act II. Sc2 - The Vision

Prince Désiré is hunting in the forest with his court. Left alone by his followers, Désiré is amazed to see the Lilac Fairy appear. She shows him a vision of Princess Aurora and summons the vision to dance with the young Prince. He is enraptured by her beauty and implores the Fairy to lead him to the place where Aurora sleeps.

Act I - The Christening

King Florestan and his Queen are holding a reception for the christening of their infant daughter, Princess Aurora. All the fairies have been invited as Godmothers and to bestow their magic gifts on the child. Unfortunately, the Fairy Carabosse has been forgotten. But nevertheless she arrives, furiously angry at this insult. Instead of presenting the child with a gift, she curses the baby and promises that Aurora will grow up, but then prick her finger and die. Happily, the Lilac Fairy still has her own gift to bestow.

Sleeping Beauty

She reassures the distraught parents, that Aurora will not die, but will instead fall into an endless sleep, to be awakened by a kiss from a Prince. The King orders that no needle or pointed objects shall henceforth be allowed in his kingdom.

Act II. Sc3 - The Awakening

The Lilac Fairy leads Prince Désiré to the place where Aurora lies. He awakens her with a kiss and Carabosse’s spell is broken.

Act III - The Wedding

Guests and fairy-tale characters come to the wedding celebrations of Aurora and Désiré. The Lilac Fairy appears to bless the marriage.

Music: Piotr Tchaikovsky;  Choreography - Marius Petipa;  Staged & adapted by Stanislav Tchassov